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Dear hunters, find 10 hidden items. To do this, you need a HUD to be able to buy it for 0 Linden at the HUNT base.

Hidden items:




1- Go to the base and buy the HUD (0 L$)




2- Put on the HUD and you will be requested to TP. Please confirm with YES otherwise your HUD does not work.


3- Now you are ready to search. There are 10 items hidden around the sim for you to find (only outside - no in the Mainstor) Once you have found one, click on it and an OK will appear in your HUD. IMPORANT:  Note that you cannot be away more than 7 meters of the item.


4- But that's not all: As soon you touched the item, "IT WILL CHANGE ITS POSITION", so the next one have to search for it too :-)


5- Once you found all 10 items go back to the base, go inside the telephone box ( WIN BASIS) and your gifts arrive automatically in your inventory.

Have a lot of fun :-)



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