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In this hunt you will find 4 different worlds where you have to find hidden objects.
For every shop you need a HUD which you can get at the basepoint.
As soon as you have finished all 4 worlds you win 10 presents.
At the bottom of the page you get the instructions to the game.


There are 4 worlds and one base. In each world there are 3-5 hidden objects.
 Look at the picture:

1. Go to the base and buy the HUD for 0 Lindendollar and add it .


2. Now you are ready for the  game and can choose one portal for to start the game.
For each world there is one Portal at the basepoint. Its for entering and for leaving that world back to the base.

3. As soon as you found an object click it and it will be shown in your HUD.
Be aware that the objects change their positions after being clicked!!
And you dont have to be farer away than 10 meter from the object for being able to click them.

4. As soon as you finished one world and found all the objects, go back to the base and choose the next portal/world..

5. As soon as you found all the 16 objects, go back to the base and there to the

6. The "WIN AREA " is at the base. here you can empty your whole HUD and 10 presents will be sent to your inventory.


We hope that you will have lots of fun....

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